Product Size:

2L Small Buckets 01

Capacity 2 (L)
Wall thickness 1.2 (mm)
Caliber 150 (mm)
Height 145 (mm)
Material PP
100% pure material
Use generic packaging, food plastic barrels, oil drums, chemical drums, paint bucket, agricultural chemical packaging

The company produces plastic bucket with a new original package particles of raw materials from the scientific process, the barrels are smooth, without spots, pattern, color uniformity. Bottom of the barrel with the same inside and outside the lid, watertight airtight. The inner edge of the lid and bottom of the barrel with a reinforcement, anti-drop performance. After high-altitude destructive sampling test pass rate of 99.9%. The company's full, complete specifications (2L, 5L, 10L, 16L, 18L, 20L). While working with senior printing company, formed the design, plate making, printing one-stop service. Companies using the latest thermal transfer technology, a clear pattern printing plastic bucket, colorful, strong adhesion, is your best choice to improve overall product quality and added value.
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