Product Size:

5L Red Cover Product

Capacity 5L)
Wall thickness 1.3 (mm)
Diameter 222 (mm)
Height 180 (mm)
Material PP
100% pure material
Use generic packaging, food plastic barrels, oil drums, chemical drums, paint bucket, agricultural chemical packaging


◆ paint bucket structural features:
   1, between the paint and the paint bucket lid body has a unique plurality of sealing points, ensure that the liquid does not leak.
   2, the inner edge of the circle to strengthen the lid with paint, to ensure the accumulation of load transfer to strengthen the tendons.
   3, paint bucket and paint the bottom lid match yin and yang, storage and transportation process to ensure steady accumulation.
   4, there is a tear hit the ring circle, ensure the lid during transport falls not opened the lid on the paint.
   5, security is good, must be removed before opening cover ring to ensure that the brand is not counterfeit.
◆ paint bucket for use:
   1, empty paint bucket on a flat surface, the paint bucket handle both sides of the insertion recess at the outside of the barrel body paint, forced one way or another, or with a wooden hammer to knock on.
   2, paint bucket mounted on the product, the paint on the lid of the bucket mouth, a hand will paint the edges with paint bucket lid body caught, other holding a wooden hammer percussion another body paint bucket edge, until completely fit.
   3, when open, with a knife to tear lid ring parallel along the paint can lid tear.

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